Strona w trakcie budowy

test 2
test 2

I do that what I do. My doing is mainly drawing, graphic-ing, painting.

I paint things I see around me and those I have in my mind and in my heart.

I do not reject long-standing subjects: nude, still life, landscape.

I am able to paint a picture very quickly but I create it very long, never from here to there.

When I am painting the picture there are nothing between me and my picture, only us both.

I am not keen on success  or defeat.

I reject any “modishness” in art, patents, manifests, theories, art programs, strict rules.

In spite of the relativity of the term “Beauty” I deny mediocrity.

I create on my own risk and responsibility. I have continued it for 50 years being far from commercialism and  “archipelagos” of art galleries and so called showrooms.

My ancestors in art – are the most and less important.

I consider creating as an equivalent to “living on my own”.

Jerzy Leszek Stanecki

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